Blake Fielder-Civil: Amy zemřela v mém náručí

25. července 2011 v 20:14 | Nikki Murinova & Kiki Suruvkova Kiki Suruvkova & Nikki Murinova |  Amy Winehouse

"She started having a fit on the bed. She slid down on to the floor before I could stop her. She started quivering again and it suddenly grew into what seemed like a full-blown epileptic fit.

"I was panicking. I didn't know know how to help her. I was out of it on drugs as well - and was sobbing and crying out, 'Amy!'"

He added: "I knelt over her as she kept on fitting. But then suddenly she just passed out and stopped breathing. It was the most frightening thing I had ever seen. I felt sure I was watching her die right in front of me. I didn't know what to do or how to save her. I held her to me - and I thought she was dying in my arms. But somehow I managed to open her mouth and breathe air down her throat.

"At first nothing happened. So I did it again. I was feeling for her pulse because I thought her heart might have stopped.

"Then she spluttered - and I saw her chest rise. I was still sobbing and panicking but I just felt this huge relief that she was alive."

. "The doctor was happy with her condition. When he left on Friday night he had no concerns. Less than 24 hours later she was found dead. Amy's health has been very fragile, and she has been having a series of check-ups."



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